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Single or Dual Adapter for PMC Mezzanines
DAS-BPMC-X1      Price: 1.150 Euro
DAS-BPMC-X2      Price: 2.250 Euro
The DAS-BPMC adapters allows you to your PMC with a new PC. The new PC´s have PCI Express connectors in larger quantities than PCI slots. 

The DAS-BPMC-X1 ( PCIe Bridge PMC 1 slot) adapter / carrier converter card provides the ability to install one PMC card into a standard PCIe (Express) 4 lane slot. Suitable for PCI or PCI-X operation with the PMC; 32 bit or 64 bit data and PCI (25, 33, 50, 66) or PCI-X (50,66,100,133) MHz. clock. Auto selected or switch programmable speeds. The bridge can operate with 1, 2, 3 or 4 lanes active, and can be installed into slots with more than 4 lanes if desired. 

The DAS-BPMC-X2 ( PCIe Bridge PMC 2 slot) adapter / carrier converter card provides the ability to install two PMC card into a standard PCIe (Express) 8 lane slot. 
 Part Numbers
Adapter  PCIe to PMC Mezzanines
Adapter  PCIe to 2 PMC Mezzanines
Board sizeDAS-BPMC-X1: Half size PCIe Card
DAS-BPMC-X2: Full Length PCIe Card
DAS-BPMC-X1: PCIe 1-4 lane interface
DAS-BPMC-X2: PCIe 1-8 lane interface
I/O Interface
XMC Bezel IO supported at PCIe bracket. Jn4 / Jn6 "user IO" supported with either SCSI or DIN connectors at both positions. See Panduit for mate [120-964-455] or standard SCSI II connector.
PCIe MSI interrupt scheme is supported
VoltageLocal Power Supply for 3.3, 5 and -12V Operating from System +12V
XMC, PCIe specification compliant
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