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Price: 560 Euro
VME - Rear Transition Module
DAS-VME-6U is the main interface for mostly of our “Interface Panels” I/O solutions.
The VME-64 bus architecture define that the upper connector called P1 (160 pin DIN-41612-Expanded) is used for the “bus-addressing, bus-data and bus-controls. The lower connector P2 (160 pin DIN-41612-Expanded) and the optional central
connector P0 (95pins har-bus HM Series ) are normally reserved for the custom I/O signals.
Our VME Interface transiction module allows to interface all the  I/0pins of the VME-64/P2 connector (row z-a-c-d) and most of the commonly used pins of  VME-64/P0 connector.
How it works
Because on the market there are several type of “signals” and hundreds of different VME boards, PMC-modules and I/O interfaces, we have built a selection of “Interface Panels” based on different type of connectors ( push-pull LEMO; D-SUB Harting; and Phoenix contact) that help the users to interface  in a very shot time any kind of devices to the VME acquisition boards.
It is the best choice for the top quality simulation/test/mesurement in the industrial environments like Avionic, Naval and Automotive.
On the right table the list of the basic Interface Panels:

 Part Numbers
VME Rear Transition Module 
to three 68 pin SCSI connectors
Panel sizeVME - 6U
MaterialAlluminium alloy 6082
Max. Current1A
I/O Mapping
1) 64 I/O from RP0 to X0
2) 64 I/O from RP2(ac) to X1
3) 46 I/O from RP2(dz) to X2  
Mech. Standard IEEE P1101.11
CE - EN55022  -  UL1950 
 Related Panel Interfaces  
32 channels Discrete Input
16 ch. Discrete Output
16 channels Analog Input
32 channels Analog Output
8 channels RS-232-422-485
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