DAS-KON-XYZ-GEN - dastor

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HUD "head-up display" signal generator
DAS-KON-XYZ-GEN   Price: 9.200

DAS-KON-XYZ-GENX   Price: 14.900

Part Numbers
Basic model
With Vector Image software creator.
XY signals
Single-ended ±0.5 V to ±10.0 V
Z signal
Single-ended 0 V to 10.0 V
90-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz,


The DAS-KON-XYZ-GENx enables you to simulate stroke video outputs. This solution can simulate the video analog outputs of sonar and radar devices, Head Up Display generators (HUD), Electronic Warfare (EW) and other vector sources.
There are two different versions:

Users, can create on a common PC the input files in order to display any kind of pictures in the matrix of 480x480 pixels.
With Vector Image software creator.
Allows to everybody to easy create any kind of Vector image or "vector Sequence" images.
About 30 different kind of stroke image are pre-loaded inside of the memory. Users can switch between the pictureres with a simple push of the "frame change" button.
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