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Test System by KEY-ON
MVV SteelBlue is a compact test system designed to perform ECU testing activity: it can simulate many electrical signals normally generated by ECU sensors. It can also sample voltage signals generated on ECU outputs.
We wanted to realize a tool easy to be interfaced and used. The architecture allows the user to improve capabilities, adding other modules and to integrate it in an existing HIL simulator.
We deliver it ready to be used with all the modules configured as requested by the customer.

SteelBlue is configured with six modules:
- Two modules (a total of 32 channels) to generate frequency signals
- One module (a total of 4 channels) to generate voltages
- One 8 relays module
- Two modules (a total of 16 channels) to sample voltages
 Part Numbers 
M007 SteelBlue test system
Desktop Box10" - 3U (252 x 150 mm)
Power Inlet
Power SteelBlue with a laboratory power supply having an output voltage in the range between 9 VDC to 18 VDC.

Capable of generating 16 completely independent   square wave signals, with programmable frequency and duty-cycle.
The Physical output interface of each signal line implements a highside MOSFET type connected to a pull-up voltage that can be +5VDC or +12VDC 

8LSFreqCapable of generating 16 completely independent   square wave signals, with programmable frequency and duty-cycle.
The physical output interface of each signal line implements a lowside MOSFET type connected to the reference ground.
8 ON-OFFModule with eight relais inside.
All the contacts of the 8 relays
(C=Common, NC=normally closed, NO=normally open) are wired to the terminal connectors on the ConnectionBox 90 module.
4 DAOpto
Module that can generate four completely independent voltage signals in the range from 0V to + 14VDC.
Module capable of periodically sampling 8 voltage analog signals in the range 0V รท 20V and send their value on the CAN bus.
ConnectionBox 90I/O box for all Modules
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