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Patch Panel - 70 separated wire
DAS-PP70-A   Price: 600 Euro
DAS-PP70-B   Price: 980 Euro
DAs-PP70-A rear view
 Part Numbers 
19” Patch panel with 70 front-jumpers 
19” Patch panel with 70 front-jumpers 
Rear Plug Kit with stamped pins and 
- 11 D-SUB 25 Male 
- 11 D-SUB 25 Female connectors
19” Patch panel with 70 front-jumpers 
Rear Plug Kit with turned pins and
- 11 D-SUB 25 Male connectors
- 11 D-SUB 25 Female connectors
Panel size19" - 2U (483 x 88,4 x 4mm)
MaterialAlluminium alloy 6082
Max. Current3A
shock3G, 11ms, ½ sine
CE  EN 55032:2015 class A
DAS-PP70-C   Price: 1.100 Euro
DAS-PP70 is our rackmount solutions that house up to 70 wires and offer the convenience of allowing technicians to quickly connect, test, simulate and change several type of signals.
This solution was created for the avionics requirements but can be used in any laboratory environment.
How it works
Without the front jumper it is nothing more than an interrupted wire. Behind the panel, users will connect the two ends of the threads, one on the top, the other on the botton. The two different type of connectors offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of diameter of the wires and the type of connections. 

Perfect Labeling
These Patch Panel are made in Anodized Alluminum alloy. Written and logos  are made “on demand” and permanently engraved with a laser machine.

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