DAS-SYNCRO-D - dastor

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VME 6U Board - Six single-speed synchro/resolver to digital channels
DAS-SYN-D-B1     Price: 4.400 Euro
 Part Numbers
Six single Speed Syncro/Resolver to Digital Channels
Six single Speed Syncro/Resolver to Digital Channels with Application Panel and Pinout facility.
DAS-SYN-D-APX   Price: 4.900 Euro
  • 14 or 16 bit resolution
  • To ±1.3 arc minute accuracy
  • 50 to 3000Hz reference frequency
  • Can be configured to accept virtually any reference and stator inputs
  • Synthesized reference compensates for ±45° rotor/stator phase shifts
  • Self-Test continuously monitors each converter conformance on-line
  • Loss of reference and signal alert
  • Front panel summary status LED's warn of board fault
  • Optional on-board resolver excitation oscillator
  • P1 bus slave
  • 6U single slot, backplane powered

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