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RGB & STANAG converter to HDMI/DVI
DAS-RGBHDMI   Price: 1.780

DAS-RGBDVI       Price: 1.780

DAS-STANHDMI  Price: 3.340

This family of stand-alone scan converter accepts in input interlaced RGB signals and converts to digital HDMI/DVI output for driving common displays. Accepts input video as separate Red,Green,Blue signals with the video syncronization pulse embedded in the Green signal.

The STANAG version ha features of high speed analog signal digitalization, video scaling, frame rate conversion and timing generator. This provides seamless and automatic conversion of STANAG 3350 Interlaced RGB signals to digital DHMI/DVI output for driving common displays.

All these converter are intelligent stand-alone devices with on-board MPU and does not require a host CPU or any driver software.

Part Numbers
Standalone converter from RGB to HDMI
Standalone converter from RGB to DVI
Standalone converter from STANAG3550  to HDMI
Power Input
90-240 VAC 50-60Hz.
Class A 1024x768
Class B 800x600
Class C 800x600
Box version: 200x200x44mm. (LxDxH)
Rack version: 482x200x44mm. (LxDxH)
Operating Temp:
0C to +60C
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